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FEATURED BREAK FOR 01/24/19: Hit Parade PROLINE Edition Series 2! Full Size Authentic Autographed Helmet In Each Box! BOGO Style Break: Buy One Team - Get One Team. $28 each. THAT'S TWO TEAMS! #PSP #CAE
CARD BREAK FOR 01/24/19: Welcome to Prizm-palooza! A 4 Box Mixer featuring 2019 Panini Prizm Football, 2015 Panini Prizm Football, 2014 Panini Prizm Football, & 2013 Panini Prizm Football! $35 per spot, BOGO! #PSP #CAE
ALSO COMING WEEK OF 1/21/20: Hit Parade Autograph Mini Helmets Series 6, Hit Parade Autograph Jerseys Series 9, & Hit Parade Autographed Full Size Helmets Series 11! Visit Pigskin Pros Group For More Information! #PSP #CAE

PIGSKIN PROS FOOTBALL BREAKS: Pigskin Pros offers football breaks exclusively! We're big fans of the memorabilia side of things along with cards, so we wanted to bring that to hobby collectors everywhere. We'll feature Full Size Helmets, Mini Helmets, Jerseys, Footballs, Cards, and more!  Take a look at a few things you'll need to know below and good luck! 

  • ------INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW------
  • Break Types: BOGO (Buy One/Get One), PYT (Pick Your Team), DIV (Divisional), RAZ (Razz), or RAN (Random). For all available breaks visit Pigskin Pros FB Group.
  • Fillers: In the event we have some teams still on the board after lining them for pre-sale, we will run fillers to award teams to participants for the upcoming break. This assures the break is full.
  • Credit Gift Backs: Here at Pigskin Pros we believe in giving back a little bit for teams that do not 'hit' during a memorabilia break. Therefore each memorabilia break night we will random off $25 in break credit ($10, $10, & $5) at the end of the night. To be credit eligible you must be in 2 or more breaks during that evening and be present in chat to claim a spot in the random credit gift back at the conclusion of the breaks. 
  • Where To View: We currently go live exclusively on YouTube via our channel located at www.youtube.com/pigskinpros at 9 PM EST on Wednesday nights unless otherwise noted.
  • How To Pay: We currently use PayPal exclusively. You can sent payments via friends & family only please to pspbreakers@gmail.com on PayPal. Please pay accordingly by break day for any teams and/or spots you may claim. If they go unpaid by break time we reserve the right to offer the team for sale to another participant.
  • House Rules: Please make sure you're aware of the house rules, which we apply to each and every football break here at PSP. Everyone has a little different flavor and we like to be different, so just be aware is our advice.
  • Thank You: We appreciate you all. Everyone who takes part in Club PSP whether you hit big or small, we appreciate you all. We thank you for being part of our little break family and hope to see more of you around the break room! #PSP #CAE
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