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Coming 9/18/19 Is A 4 Box Break Of Panini Black & Certified Football! Over 18+ hits available! #PSP #CAE

**2 Boxes Panini Black Football AND 2 Boxes Panini Certified Football**
*Only $28 Per Team During The Pre-Sale Period!!!*
*First Come - First Serve - Get Your Team(s) Now!!!*


- All 32 teams are listed at and available for JUST $28 PER TEAM INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING!!!


- First come; first serve. Comment to claim team and then promptly make payment via PayPal to friends and family only please. No need for a note, as we know who you fine folks are. Trust us!


- The Pre-Sale period will last until Sunday! Pre-Sale offers hobby collectors an opportunity to buy their favorite team(s) without eBay fees/taxes along with helping avoid bidding wars! Any teams not sold during the pre-sale period will be listed for auction on eBay.


- REMINDER: We do not chase you. If nonpaid, we offer the team to someone else. Please and thank you.


- 2019 Panini Black Football Includes: (1) Rookie Patch Autograph, (1) Additional Autograph, (1) Jersey Relic, (1) Parallel, and (1) Numbered Base Card per box on average.


- 2019 Certified Football Includes: (1) Freshman Fabric Signature, (1) Additional Autograph, and (2) Jersey Relic cards per box on average.


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Wednesday 09/18/19 Break: 2 Boxes Panini Black Football & 2 Boxes Panini Certified Football! Show starts on YouTube at 9 PM EST. Hope to see you there!! #PSP #CAE

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