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About Us: Ever since our strapping days of youth we have practiced the fine art known as sports card collecting.


While we dabbled in MLB, NBA, and NHL cards it was our love of Football that drew us to the stars of the gridiron. As a kid growing up watching NFL through the 80's and 90's top card brands such as Upper Deck, Score, Fleer, and Topps were sought after by collectors of all ages.


We began collecting cards of our favorite team in the early 80's and haven't slowed down much right through to the modern era of Panini America. We still love the hunt for players of our favorite team and stars that made us a fan. 

That being said we enjoy sharing our passion for collecting Football cards with others who share the same hobby. Our card collecting habits may have began in our younger days, but it hasn't slowed down our desire to put more favorites in the collection.


Our goal is to encourage others to do the same by offering ways we can helping other collectors hunt their favorite team or player cards. We promise your experience with us here at Pigskin Pros will be rewarding, exciting, and affordable.


That's our story! We hope you join us for the next chapter and beyond, as we help collectors break like champions, the affordable way! #PSP

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