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Another featured concept at Pigskin Pros worthy of a touchddown will be Fantasy Football Cards! A unique idea dawned from the days of ESPN dominance comes an exciting new addition to ripping packs during breaks we offer each week!


How Fantasy Football Cards works is you score points based on the Pigskin Pros point system, which is noted below. At the end of each moth the person with the best fantasy score wins a FREE prize! It'll be worth it, trust us! #PSP #CAE

FFC Points As Of 4/17/20
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FANTASY FOOTBALL CARDS: What's that you say, fantasy football cards?! How does that work? Well let us explain! It's rather simple. It's all based on hits!


  1. If you 'hit' a numbered card, any numbered card, you have hit an early game field goal. It is worth 3 points towards your monthly score.
  2. Should you 'hit' a jersey relic or any type of material relic you've broken free from the backfield and scored a rushing touchdown. It's worth 6 points towards your monthly score. 
  3. An autograph 'hit' means you've aired one out and beat the coverage. You just scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point. It's worth 7 points towards your monthly score!
  4. An RPA (rookie patch auto) or PPA (player patch auto) of any kind means your defense got a turnover and you scored on the following posession! You've also made a two point conversion, so it's worth 8 points towards your monthly score!
  5. WAIT WHAT?! You 'hit' a 1-of-1, ANY 1-of-1 means your defense just got a safety and you've earned two points! But wait there's more, because on the following kickoff you're special teams returned the ball for a touchdown and converted another two point play. It's worth a total of 10 points towards your monthly score!

There you have it; Fantasy Football Cards scoring made easy. There's no limit to how many teams you can have or how many points you can score in a month. The more you buy, the better your chances at scoring FFC points, but only your BEST TEAM's score counts weekly. For example if you buy 4 teams and the Giants get you the most according to the above point system, then you'd get those points added to your monthly total. But Pigskin Pros, why do Fantasy Football Card points matter to me?

At the end of each month the person who scores the most Fantasy Football Card Points will earn a prize from PSP and CAE! Prizes TBD each month, but you earn them at no additional cost! That's our way of saying thank you for taking part in our weekly breaks! You've earned it, congrats! All Fantasy Football Card Points will be listed here on this page! #PSP #CAE

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