Football Card Breaks

FOOTBALL CARD BREAKS: Below are the teams and players who claimed them for the upcoming break. Here at Pigskin Pros we pride ourselves on being different, shipping quickly, and offering collectors a weekly fix without the expense of every day breaks. We hope you've enjoyed and we'll see you again next week for another rip! Welcome to club PSP! 

  • ALL teams must be paid for by break day or PSP reserves the right to re-sell the team to someone else.
  • All payments must be submitted via PayPal friends & family to or click the yellow PayPal button below to be taken directly there. 
  • Team prices can be found at on the offical Pre-Sale post pinned to the top of the page. That is where you officially claim teams!
  • WE GO LIVE 9 PM EST FRIDAY 11/1/19 at!
  • The list below is for the 11/15/19 break of 2019 Panini Certified, 2019 Panini XR, 2019 Elements, 2019 Gold Rush Autographed Football, & 2019 Leaf Autographed Jersey! All cards ship!

BREAK #19: 2019 Certified, XR, & Elements PLUS 2019 Gold Rush Auto Football & Jersey

NFL Team Ownership Paid
Arizona Cardinals  Ricky Achzet  
Atlanta Falcons  Chad Everette pd
Baltimore Ravens  Chad Everette pd
Buffalo Bills  Roy Hart pd
Carolina Panthers  Ricky Achzet  
Chicago Bears  Jose Ramirez pd
Cincinnati Bengals  Gary Eck  
Cleveland Browns  Michael Jackson pd
Dallas Cowboys  Greg Radnai  
Denver Broncos  Michael Jackson pd
Detroit Lions  Zach Dufel pd
Green Bay Packers  Debbi Shea  
Houston Texans  Zach Dufel pd
Indianapolis Colts  Chad Everette pd
Jacksonville Jaguars  Ricky Achzet  
Kansas City Chiefs  Nick Millard   
Los Angeles Chargers  Jason Guerreo  pd
Los Angeles Rams  Walter N Danielle Payne pd
Miami Dolphins  Michael Jackson pd
Minnesota Vikings  Lori O'Donnell Ganci pd
New England Patriots  Rich Bridges pd
New Orleans Saints  Nick Millard  
New York Giants  Greg Radnai  
New York Jets  Michael Jackson pd
Oakland Raiders  Gary Eck  
Philadelphia Eagles  Andrew Mosetti  
Pittsburgh Steelers  Nick Millard  
San Francisco 49ers  Ricky Achzet pd
Seattle Seahawks  Debbi Shea pd
Tampa Bay Bucaneers  Ricky Achzet pd
Tennessee Titans  Michael Jackson pd
Washington Redskins  Lee Monfee pd
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