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House Rules & Disclaimer

  • Breaks will consist of teams or divisions.
  • All breaks team or division will be first come first serve.
  • All teams and/or divisions will sell for equal value. We do not charge more for one team than another. That just isn't our stytle.
  • ALL cards ship. None of this 'only ship with a hit' nonsense. If you buy into the product, you get whatever is pulled for your team. That is the proper way to do it. 
  • We will only ship to the United States. Sorry.
  • In the event of a multi-player card we will roll the fuzzy colored dice. Highest number wins the card. Simple. 
  • Any points cards will be randomized to teams without a 'hit' in the break. 
  • All purchased spot sales are final and non transferable.
  • There is no guarantee of a 'hit' in any breaks. 
  • Anyone who charges back after a break, because they're not happy with their card pulls will get the ban hammer. No exceptions. 
  • All teams and/or spots MUST be paid for in full to claim them.
  • Have fun and happy collecting! #PSP #CAE

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