House Rules At PSP

  • Breaks will consist of teams or divisions. So there are 32 or 8 spots available per break.
  • All breaks spots are sold first come, first serve via 'pre-sale' on our social media page or website. Any unsold 'pre-sale' teams get lined in fillers or silent auctions. We do not use eBay any longer.
  • We do our best at keeping all spots equal value based on retail product cost, however we do tier the teams. Tier 1 teams being more expensive and tier 4 teams being least expensive. It's like a scratch off ticket; the more the ticket cost, the more reward you could possibly earn. It is not our style to gorssly overprice on team versus another however. 
  • ALL cards ship. None of this 'only ship with a hit' nonsense. If you buy into the product, you get whatever is pulled for your team(s). That is the ethical way to do breaks. 
  • We will only ship to the United States, unless prior arrangements have been made. Sorry about that.
  • In the event of a multi-player card we will roll the fuzzy colored dice. Highest number wins the card. Simple stuff.
  • In the event of a Pro-Bowl, Hall-Of-Fame, or Collegiate card it would be awarded to the team name listed on the card. If there is no team name listed on the card, it will be awarded to the team the player ented the hall-of-fame with, played for at time of Pro-Bowl appearance, or is currently playing for. 
  • In the event a card shows a team no longer in existence, such as the Houston Oilers, the card would go to the city the team belonged to previously. FOR EXAMPLE: Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans, therefore it goes to TEN.
  • In the event a card shows a team that has moved cities, the card would go to the TEAM NAME on the card, such as St. Louis Rams would go to the Los Angeles Rams.
  • Any points cards will be fairly awarded to a team with the least amount of cards in the break. 
  • All purchased spot sales are final and non transferable. They are to paid for asap! We reserve the right to offer unpaid teams to anyone in the break on a first come, first serve basis if they are not paid for by the time of the break going live.
  • There is no guarantee of a 'hit' in any breaks. That means some may go without a autograph, jersey relic, or in some cases even a numbered card. That is the gamble we all take and the beakers are not responsible for what does or doesn't come out of the product.
  • Anyone who charges back after a break, because they're not happy with their card pulls will get the ban hammer. No exceptions. 
  • If you are unable to be live during the break times, you can easily watch it back here on our YouTube channel or the upload replay on our Facebook. 
  • Please share, like, follow, subscribe, and tag friends! YOU are our biggest advertisers and we appreciate you all being here.
  • Have fun and happy collecting! #PSP #CAE

How Our Fillers Work

  • Here at Pigskin Pros we run 'fillers' to find owners for teams. Fillers are an inexpensive way for a 'player' to gamble their way into a team spot.
  • SUPER FILLER: One of our three fillers is a Super Filler. Typically a Super Filler consists of 4 or more teams with at least a dozen spots being sold at a pre-determined price.We award one free spot randomized to anyone in the filler. Winner takes all teams available in the filler!
  • MEGA FILLER: Another of our three fillers is a Mega FIller. Mega FIllers are similar to Super Fillers, except we award the teams to the top 4-6 names on the board rather than a winner take all. Teams are alphabetical and we randomize the 'player' names only who have entered the filler. We also randomize one free spot to anyone who bought into the filler. 
  • REGULAR FILLER: Regular fillers are a smaller number of teams, typically 2-4, and there is only a minimal amount of spots available, typically up to 6. Top half of the names get teams. We do randomize one free spot to anyone who bought into the filler.

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